Thursday, June 12, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast...

I am downstairs in the main gallery today trying to photograph 3 boxes full of enamels. My little dog has stretched to the limit on his leash and fallen asleep on the stairs where he can keep an eye on me and prevent people from walking through the gallery without waking him up to do an inspection. You can see one of his meaty little paws under his belly. I sometimes like to kiss them until I think too hard about where they have been.

Last night I had to go out with my partner and our new hire for her 1 year review..... which requires drinks and nachos. What to do with my little boy for the one hour this meeting lasts? I decided to take the plunge and leave him in the gallery while we crossed the street to imbibe. I moved any precious art out of his reach and hoped for the best.

For any other dog this would not be considered mistreatment-left inside an air conditioned room with a bowl of water. But they are not Henry. He is so use to going everywhere with me that he takes it for granted that I will not leave him alone. As we exited the rear door of the restaurant I could see his furry head asleep on the top step in the gallery. I walked about ten feet and I saw his head pop up and his tail start wagging. I unlocked the door of the gallery and came in to a howling dog. Of course it took 5 minutes of cuddling and reassurance before we could head to the car and on to home & dinner. Nevertheless I am so proud of him for not howling the whole time I was gone.

Sometimes I can't find someone to watch him for an hour or two. Sometimes the weather doesn't permit me to leave him in the car when I run errands. His new found maturity will give me a lot more flexibility as far as what I can do with him. He has come a long way since I got him last July.

I love my dog.

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Michelle said...

M. Henri is growing up, is he not?