Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Steps

I was chatting with my friend, Louise, who said she had meandered on over to Black Swamp Girl for a look see. She came away saying that after looking at Black Swamp Girl's and my gardens she just felt like such a beginner, amateur, stinking good for nothing gardening baby.

Tut, Tut, chin up. Lots of mistakes to be made between 0 and 60.

It is about the fun of it and the learning of it and the enjoyment of it. I tried to cheer Louise up by relaying the fact that just yesterday morning I realized I have been calling Snow in Summer, Taurus Cerastium instead of Cerastium Tomentosum. Beats the heck out of me where I came up with that whopper. But I repeated it many times in my blog for the whole world (all three of you) to see.

Here is an image of my PROBLEM GARDEN, just to show how little I know. I just keep throwing more lamb's ear in it because everyone knows that silver is always right- no? The only thing I have done right in this garden is to buy that stunning Purple Smokebush. I need to make more mistakes like that!

My motto is to always say it, and do it with authority.... then no one will question you. (Mostly because those who know better, know that there is no point in telling a gardening fool anything.)


Michelle said...

I can't even comment on your monumental mistake.....I am speechless.
PS you're a garden geek.
And I mean that in the nicest possible way

SMC said...

I know, I know..can you believe it? I will have to wear a scarlet "SH" (stupid head) on my gardening pinafore for weeks. How embarrassing.

Geek, huh? Does that mean I need a pocket protector to carry my by-pass pruners in? Oh, wait... I have one.

LYC said...

You probably need to make or purchase gardening implement holsters if you don't have those already. Sometimes unspoken authority is stronger....

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Well, hey, that snow-in-summer is rather bullheaded and tenacious, right? So Taurus isn't a wholly inappropriate name!

I'm kind of grinning about the thought of my garden being intimidating... especially since the two little girls next door like to wonder through it in the evenings to catch lightning bugs. (They have grass, and only grass. Not particularly good habitat for lightning bugs.)

Maybe I'll get brave and post up some of my worst pictures. (Especially the ones that show all of the purslane and other weeds. lol) In any case, your "tough spot" looks much nicer than many of mine, SMC. I think I need some more silver in the garden.