Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Morning Walk

I see some pretty nice things on my morning walk with Henry, but I never bring my camera so I don't get to share them. I finally remembered to tote it along. This is a home about a mile from me. The gentleman who did it is a certified heath/heather nut. He has a starting garden out back where he cultivates these beauties. He has done such a nice job of combining the evergreens and heathers to create a sea of texture and color. It is a very understated and formal look.

While I wouldn't want to garden in it- not enough variety for me- I love looking at it. I also couldn't have the heaths and heathers as they are so susceptible to wind burn and my home is unfairly exposed to the cold winds of winter. Although he is only a mile away he has the protection of surrounding trees.

This is just a rhododendron that is growing in the woods not too far off the road. It is so perfectly placed - hanging over a small stream - that it seems impossible that it is random. The nearest house is through some fairly dense pine trees and pucker brush, so perhaps when the area was more open someone planted it. The color is the most subtle lavender/white. I have dubbed the color "moon glow." Every spring I look for it to bloom.

Now this ... is clearly a weed. There are several that grow in a certain spot and it is the most interesting plant. These little umbilliferate forms will pop open into blossoms soon. It has tendrils that grab onto adjacent plants in its quest to get closer to the sun. I think it is absolutely beautiful. I have taken a bunch of photos and hope (some day) to paint a picture of it. Does anyone know what it is?


Michelle said...

you should start painting agian.

Michelle said...

Difference between Heath and heather?