Sunday, June 29, 2008

Michelle and Sarah's Yard Sale

Well it looks like a little slice of white trash heaven here at Casino Gardens- time for Sarah & Michelle's annual yard sale. While we had some mighty fine offerings, the hoards opted to stay inside on a 100% humidity day. It never quite rained (until later) but it seemed that the air was thick with mist.

It was just as well that I was distracted from the garden. You can only do harm when things have been wet for so long- spreading disease & pestilence and compacting your soil. Everything is the color of Ireland and choking with weeds.... can't wait for sunshine again. A day off from the garden allowed me to spend some quality time with my hound, who clearly doesn't get cuddled enough.


LYC said...

Monsieur Henri is a lucky dog. I'm sure he was a major asset for most of your sales as he is at the gallery.
The rain is getting sort of old aye? It's as though nature only knows extremes sort of like a spoiled child. Of course that isn't anything M Henri knows anything about aye?

smith kaich jones said...

I left a couple of garage sale stories on Michelle's front door, so thought I'd pin this one to yours. I once lived in the country - surrounded by horses & acres, but still fairly close to neighbors. There were THESE PEOPLE who lived behind me. Whose front "yard" was behind my back fence. Who had a yard sale one weekend, took what money they earned & skedaddled off to Alaska, leaving the garage sale still up in the yard. Tables, dishes, sawhorses, tools. It was there for a couple of years. (The stuff was apparently not worth stealing. LOL!)

:) Debi

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Now THAT is a great picture. And no dog gets cuddled enough, IMHO, but many of us keep on trying. :)