Saturday, June 14, 2008

In The Pink!

I know that Black Swamp Girl thinks that pink is a little too girly for her garden, but I am secure enough in my tough guy credentials to plant pink everywhere. Although ... I will agree with her that the pink of Husker Red Penstemon will leave your eyes unsatisfied. But the clear pinks of this mountain laurel right next to my front steps is enough to make your heart sing.

I have also never been able to resist Cheddar Pinks. I have also never been able to grow them very well ... until now. Here they are in the little pathway I created through the fence to connect le boyfriend's large vegetable garden and our backyard. It saves us the 3.5 mile walk around the fence so we can talk to each other periodically. So this little pathway is use frequently. Those pinks have stood up to a certain amount of abuse, wheelbarrow traffic and other indignities and still look absolutely adorable. So life's little lesson here is to not under estimate the toughness of a plant (or person) by their stature, pinkness and cuteness factor.

Now if you think I am a woosy, ask my friend Michelle what a tough guy I am - able to walk 5 miles through the cobbled streets of Rome in high heels so she could wear my comfy shoes on her blistered feet.


Michelle said...

Saint Sarah of the Shoes...Oh and she wore my shoes so I could have hers, I wear a size or two smaller than she does.
and people wonder why we are friends.

SMC said...

Why would they wonder?