Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Morning Visitor

I was walking back to my morning perch with my second cup of coffee. As usual I glanced out the window to see if anything unusual was happening ... like all the plants revolting because of the high heat and taking off for more temperate Canada. (At least until November rolls around.) What do I spy? The soil in my garden was moving. I have an annual visit from this painted turtle who hunts around the whole estate looking for the appropriate nesting site.

I tried to take a photo of her in the garden flinging dirt everywhere, but for starters, she is dirt colored, then she was sitting in the dirt, and to top it off she had flung dirt all over herself. It was a study in futility so I just took this photo of her escaping my gaze. They were taken through the screen so they are a little hazy to boot.

This is another photo and you can see the destruction she caused to the right of the stone/paver.

It wasn't much of a high speed pursuit as I had a chance to finish my coffee and go get dressed. I grabbed Henry to go outside for a preliminary peak at the world before our morning walk. She had only moved about 10 feet. This photo isn't much better as far as making out her silhouette.

Well... nothing earth shattering, just one of life's little pleasures.


LYC said...

Are you thinking about putting in an insurance claim for the turtle damages or are you even covered for that kind of hazard?

SMC said...

Might the turtle be an act of God?