Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Latest, And The Greatest

This is my new favorite tool posing next to my old favorite tool. The new one is called a cobra head- for obvious reasons. My old favorite is a classic asparagus picker with a little arc of metal attached to serve as a lever. They are both good for the surgical removal of a weed that is nesting amongst precious plant material.

I bought the cobra head at Real Green Goods in Concord. I had actually gone in to buy some pet safe bug spray for Henry who is having his delicate underbelly eaten alive anytime we venture outside. There it was in a display. Nothing like a curved piece of metal to catch a girl's eye. The owner said she had one and loved it- perfect for maintaining an edge. It claims to be "an extension of your hand." It was a little pricey so I thought I would buy it as a gift for le boyfriend. He thought it looked silly so I ended up with it anyways.

I finally tried it today and, by golly, it has a quite natural feel. It is very easy to use and offers a precision strike at offending weeds. It gets way down to their long trailing roots and works like a charm. I hate to cast aside my old friend, the asparagus picker, but this little beauty has got it all.

Two Thumbs up for the Cobra Head.

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