Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beautiful Rhubarb!

Isn't that rhubarb beautiful? So tall, so handsome, so come hither in the way it brushes lightly against the fence ... in a way that would make more timid plants blush with embarrassment. But not that rhubarb. And the Taurus Cerastium is really working out well. I can see it all the way across the yard- such a beautiful silver. In a few more years it will spread enough to really make a statement. Perhaps you will be able to see it from Google Earth.

My island garden is looking mighty fine too. The Bath's Pinks are about to blossom. A few here and there have opened. I love their little black heads swaying in the breeze.


LYC said...

Everything looks sooooo lush. I hope you got out before the serious heat yesterday. Right around noon a few things started looking pretty thirsty and I hand watered....what the heck do you do?

SMC said...

My lawn is actually pretty sad. It has the crunchy brown look that I don't usually see until August. But photoshop takes care of a lot of those flaws.

LYC said...

Cruchy brown is ok if you're a cookie or chip of some kind, but there is true sadness in a crunchy brown lawn. My sympathies.