Saturday, June 7, 2008

Agoraphobic Wannabe

I had to drive down to Beverly, Massachusetts this morning as I was a presenter at the second annual Encaustic Conference at Montserrat College. I had hoped to take pictures but it just didn't happen. So instead I am going to regale you with beautiful pictures of the highway coming back home. This is Route 93 or maybe 95. They sort of look alike. They are loaded with cars weaving in and out and generally behaving badly.... unlike certain drivers who take pictures while commandeering their vehicles. At least I waited until I was off of 1A or whatever it was which was like trying to drive through the food court in a mall.

This is the split at 93 and 101 to the seacoast. Lots of orange highway barrels that say "Danger, Danger, put down your cameras now!"

Ahhh.... This is 89. I take this route every night to get home from work. This is my favorite corner and to me it says "home." Route 202 has split off and we leave the bedroom communities of Hopkinton & Contoocook behind. The highway empties out and the mountains start to scootch together so they can give you a hug. The mountains get more and more demanding like that the farther north you go. Always asking for a hug, or a kiss or a cuddle or something. I don't mind- they are good huggers.

This is my road... that is my stone wall on the right. Perhaps I have been away from the city too long, but this scene lets me unwind. I don't mind driving here so much. It is far less stressful. I would even go so far as to say, I prefer it.

Except for the ticks.


LYC said...

So, since you're posting today I'm going to take the broad jump of mind and assume you made it the last 100 yds. Past the stone wall and into your yard? Sounds like a long day you had, but documenting the trip made it a little more fun.

SMC said...

Yes.... silly, but fun. I got a pretty good shot of my ear as I tried to take a shot out my back window by aiming and shooting over my shoulder. This is a definite "not recommended for beginners" camera move.

Michelle said...

I like the mountains giving you a hug line. You may not be the city girl you think you are.