Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I read someplace that you are only allotted a certain number of exclamation points in your lifetime. I am pretty sure the usage number was below 200. I am a "!" junkie. It expresses my attitude which is a bit boing boing. I checked out the titles to my last two posts and decided I have a serious problem.

What A Man!

Amongst all the other samples/goodies I received for being a judge this past weekend were a few items for the man of the house- a comb, scalp massager, bay rum after shave. I gave them to the boyfriend who immediately took a walk down memory lane to the time when men doused themselves in Old Spice...... in order to impress the babes.

The next morning said boyfriend shaved and decided to splash on the aftershave. He met me at the door as I returned from my morning walk. As I opened the door I could smell him. But I was not sufficiently impressed so he hugged me. It was a nice smell- certainly not offensive, but I may not be the best judge as I have very little sense of smell. Maybe he smelled like a big old flower.

But it reminded me of watching my father shave when I was a little girl. It was a morning ritual. A small dish held the soap which he would lather up with a short brush and apply to his face. The razor would make a trail through the lather- marking where he had been. His slightly upturned face would be reflected in the mirror- with the occasional pull of the nose or earlobe to reach a deep crevice. And then.....

...... the Aqua Velva. It was bright blue and held in a flat bottle. He would splash it onto his hands and then onto his face. I miss this. Men all use electric razors now. There is no romance, mystery or ritual to it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'll Be The Judge of That!

I serve on the board of Main Street Concord, Inc., a non-profit committed to economic development through historic preservation. It is a program started by the National Historic Trust a few decades ago and it is still going strong. This long winded explanation is a way to account for being roped into a fashion makeover at our large annual downtown festival called Market Days.

I was not asked to be a participant, which is gratifying to know they didn't think I needed fixing, but to be a judge. I was concerned that I don't have any qualifications. I am not big on makeup. I don't own a comb or brush. My clothing veers towards the comfortable with a few forays into the outlandish (I love high heels!) But then I saw the line up of other judges and knew I would fit right in.

The six contestants were 5 females and one male. The majority were single moms or stay at homes that had neither the money or inclination to look their snazziest every morning. The gentleman, who was roped in, is running for state senate and is better known for riding his bike to work and promoting clothes lines to save electricity- which is to say that his looks fell to the bottom of his priority list. Six foot tall "before" pictures were displayed and each contestant with their team of hair stylists, aestheticians & clothiers were brought on stage to much applause. The transformations were amazing and each contestant was thrilled with their new look. One single mom of three won. It was really quite moving to be a part of this contest.

I took home a goody bag of gift certificates and oodles of samples as a thank you for being a judge. It was amazing how many things were stuffed into such a small bag! This evening, after a day of gardening, I decided to try a few of the products.

IN THE SHOWER: I used Alterna Hemp Shampoo & Conditioner. I don't normally use conditioner as my hair is short, wiry and I like it to stick up at unexpected angles- so natural is better. My hair didn't seem any different from when I use my cheapo Pantene shampoo. I used some Dermalogica body scrub to get the filth off of my legs and feet. It worked well- but so does my scrub brush. I used proprietary buffing granules from Breathe Spa- except it didn't say what I should be buffing. I took a chance and buffed my face, which normally reacts to anything too rough. This seemed very mild though- so I think I picked the right part to buff. I will have to try it a few times to see if my skin reacts.

OUT OF THE SHOWER: I opened up a sample of Dermologica Map-15 Regenerator. Because the printing was so small on the side of the little test tube I decided to wing it. I figured anything that small must be really precious and intended for the eye area. I was a little shocked to pour out a very fine powder. What the hell do you do with powder? I must say it applied rather nicely- practically melded with my skin instead of falling off my cheeks into the sink. It felt good but I didn't notice anything different and my boyfriend didn't think I looked any younger. I then applied some L'Occitane skin cream. I am afraid that I am a "if some is good, more is better" kind of person. I put a generous teaspoon into my hand and applied it to my face. It felt like shortening going on, but in a good kind of way. My skin is quite dry so it appreciates a good slathering up. After a while it soaked in and left my skin quite soft.

I want to laugh at the lengths and expense women will go to maintain their youth and beauty. On the other hand- I would love to maintain my youth and beauty. I may go so far as to buy the buffing granules and L'Occitane face cream- although I might get a shock when I discover how much youth & beauty costs!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog

Either you love the sound of a hound dog or you don't. I wasn't told that Henry was part hound....but there it is. I was raised with a Beagle as the family dog. The sound is pure joy.....very loud and insistent pure joy.

Even as I watch other people cringe or scowl it makes me smile.