Monday, June 2, 2008

Salvation In A Bottle

I don't normally consider myself a dainty blossom when it comes to the great outdoors. Weather? I love it! Cold, rain, snow, sleet, fog- bring it on! There is no such thing as bad weather- just bad clothing & bad attitude. So who knew that I could be brought so low by something that barely registers in an atomic scale?

What is this beast that brings the mighty Sarah to her knees you ask? Pollen. More specifically Pine Pollen. And what can something as innocuous as yellow dust do to the mighty Sarah? Better ask- what can't it do? My headache is as big as Wisconsin, maybe even combined with South Dakota. My post nasal drip has given me a sore throat and earaches. I cough all night so I am sleep deprived. If I am sleep deprived, so is le boyfriend, which causes general crankiness at Chez Casino Gardens. Then there is the pollen complete makeover including dripping nose and dark, dark eye bags. Not a pretty sight.

But le boyfriend, who is smarter than le Sarah, suggested a saline nasal spray to cleanse the sinus passages. Being a poo-pooer from way back, I thought this would do nothing to alleviate my suffering and all the whining that goes with it. But in an effort to shut le boyfriend up I did as he suggested. Oh my goodness, revelation and conversion! I woke up this morning with only a minor headache & sore throat. So I have found salvation in a small plastic bottle and may be able to make it through this hellish season with a smile. Yippee!


LYC said...

I too have heard of using saline nasal sprays or washes...even a Mormon I know has used it and raves about it in between apologies for the visuals that the process may conjure. Still, I have not had the courage to try it myself. I was slammed last year by the pine pollen too, though it hasn't yet stricken me, but when and if it does I'll try to be as brave as you and give it a blast or a whirl.

SMC said...

It is both a blast and a whirl and requires many kleenexes. The visuals are really better left in the bathroom closet with other dirty secrets.

Michelle said...

Same idea as the netti pot, both claudette and Butch are converts.