Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Slowly Melting

This Photo is of the fence in my backyard. It was taken yesterday. The snow is about at the bottom rail- about a foot or so left. In between the fence and the sapling to the left is a bench. Hard to believe- eh? It was in the 50's today. On my walk I noticed the neighbors had taken down their sap buckets. Spring must be here.

The boyfriend is a bit miffed. He walked across the snow to check on our fruit trees, now in their second or third year. Most of the new growth was ingested by a local herd of deer. He has threatened some action involving firearms and, no doubt, foul language. I am not sure if the focus will be the deer or the neighbor who feeds them to provide entertainment for the guests at his Inn.

This is amusing and shows the power of compost. On the boyfriends return from Florida mid-February he snowblowed his way into the compost bin. The snow was up to the barn roofline at the time. I think from the insulation of the snow and good old-fashioned compost power- the snow melted about 8 inches around the bin. He found a big pocket of air when he uncovered it. You can still sort of see the sweep of the snow around the bin.

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