Friday, April 25, 2008

He is a Lover Not a Fighter

Here is Henry playing with his elephant at work. He still isn't as vibrant as usual. I think the antibiotics and painkillers are making him dopey. He definitely perks up when he sees a dog though.

He has another appointment this morning to make sure everything is healing up properly. I am suppose to keep the Elizabethan collar on him, but he hates it so much. If I can be around him and tell him to stop licking I leave it off. If he gets obsessive, I put it on.

His wounds gave me pause to reflect. Clearly the poor dear is a lover not a fighter. They are located at his farthest end....the end that would present to another pair of teeth if it was running away. I love my little boy, but I see that, despite his swagger, he will never offer me much protection.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Well... some things are better than offering protection. :)

Any chance that you happen to have an old Tshirt laying around--or that you're close enough to a thrift store to find one cheap? When my Coco had her spaying surgery, we put one of my Tshirts on her--her head where mine would have gone, and her front paws through the arms. Then knotted the bottom above her tail so that the knot wouldn't rub against her stitches... but she couldn't reach the stitches with her tongue, then, either. And she mostly forgot about them that way. It was so much nicer than those collars--I don't blame your guy for not wanting to wear one.

I'm not sure if something like that would work for him, it probably depends on where the actual wounds are that he's licking. But I thought I'd throw it out there as a possible alternative just in case it helps.

SMC said...

That is a really good idea and will tuck it away for the future. Unfortunately the wounds are mostly on his upper, inner, back thighs..... and more delicate regions which need to be free for the watering of various shrubs. The vet also wants the area to "air out" to prevent dermititus. He isn't much of a lion, but he sure is a trooper. Gives new meaning to "keeping your pecker up."