Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Ferocious Lion Saves Me Again

My friend Michelle came in to my workplace today, accompanied by her saber tooth Australian Shepherd, Ti-Ti. Fortunately my wildly vicious dog, Henry,-pictured to the left in his most macho and intimidating stance-was there to save me.

After Ti's final lunge at Henry, complete with foaming lips and doggy innuendo, Henry pulled out his cape and saved me from a possible mauling. I was crouched low, ostensibly to hold him back, but he could see that I had put myself at grave risk by coming closer to the wild Ti-Ti. Henry charged at me. I thought he was trying to make a getaway between my bent legs, but soon his plan became clear. I was knocked right on my butt, safely away from Ti, but this STILL wasn't enough for my brave lion. He climbed into my lap in case she made another lunge at my jugular vein. Then to spare me the anxiety of considering his having witnessed this spectacular contretemps- he buried his face in my chest, completely covering his eyes. I am pretty sure he had his paws around my neck in case any blows rained in from the sides.

This is the devilish fiend- terrible Ti-Ti the man eating tiger- that Henry saved me from. I am so lucky that he is in my life.

The End.


Michelle said...

While I appreciate you attempt at loyalty towards your ..hmm, what shall I call him, oh yea, your MUTT, I ask that you go to my blog to see the true story of the events of yesterday.

smith kaich jones said...

I swear to God, you & Michelle could charge me $$ to read your blogs - but please don't! I may have to buy a new car & I'm not real happy about that & it will leave me poorer, and then I wouldn't be able to enjoy my daily fix of you two.

I must now go to Michelle's spot to read her version of the doggy escapade! Too good!

Thank you!!!!

Retskimo said...

Oh dear. Perhaps you should have Homeland Security on speed dial. Maybe you and Michelle can have tandem blogs offering different versions of the truth.