Sunday, April 13, 2008

I blog, You Blog, He, She or It blogs, We blog, You blog, They blog

It has been a long week with two opening/dinners that I had to attend. The first at SNHU featured the artists of Wingate Studio and Two Rivers Print Studio of White River Junction, Vermont. Met Rachel Gross who started the Cartoon Institute in the same town.

The next evening was a more formal affair at the Holderness School- an opening featuring the wood engravings of Herbert Waters (that is Bertha's Wheelbarrow above). My gallery lent some prints, thus garnering me an invite to the post reception dinner.

Somehow the topic of Facebook came up. I mentioned that I had a profile- only one other person present had one. He had somehow created an account so he could view someone else's profile only to find out he had been sucked into Facebook hell. I then mentioned that I recently started a blog because I was curious about them. Everyone wanted to know why I would do that. I mentioned that it was a great way to connect up with a community of people. "What community have you hooked up with?" That was a stumper. A quick mental synthesis later I answered "women."

I only started doing this a week or two ago but have tried to figure out why it is so compelling. I have found that it is way to have more casual relationship with friend(s) I don't see as often as I would like . I share my daily thoughts. There are responses- or not. By doing this, you create a community around yourself.
I have always thought I wanted to write some of my thoughts down. They always seem so big and important at the time I have them. This gives me a way to put them out there, practice my writing, communicating skills and not have a huge commitment. I suppose it feels quite comfortable.

*The title references my 6th grade English teacher, Mr. Vorbeau, who had us conjugate verbs out loud as quickly as we could.

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