Monday, April 14, 2008

Every Daughter's Fate

My father recently sent this photo to me. It is my mother when she is about 22-24 or so. I use to look a lot like my father, or so my mother tells me.

As you can see- I am pretty much a carbon copy of her except my eyes are blue. I still haven't decided if I am happy about this or not. I suppose it doesn't matter.


Michelle said...

You should be very happy you have blue eyes, otherwise you wouldn't be able to pull off the red(ish) hair

smith kaich jones said...

I don't know why this made me laugh, but it did. Sometimes when I'm checking out at the grocery store & I'm standing there waiting for all the items to be added up, I look down at my hands & they look JUST LIKE my mother's hands. And the thing is, they really don't in real life, but something about them in that place & that position DOES. When I was a child I must've stood next to her a thousand times at the grocery store & looked at her hands - it just seems so familiar. And it makes me NUTS!! It makes me feel so old.

SMC said...

SKJ- I die a thousand deaths when I hear my mothers voice and speech pattern come out of my mouth. I want to suck it back in like the froth off a hot drink. LET ME TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

It's a very chiseled face, with lovely cheekbones. A nice inheritance, whether you had a choice in the matter or not!

I went the other way... everyone used to tell me how much I looked like my mom when I was younger, and then when I started coming back home from college I started to hear, "Wow... you look so much like [my father's family]!" I hope that I get my mom's beautiful white-silver hair, though. Eventually.

Sorry for the barrage of comments today, by the way. I just found your blog when you left a message on mine, and as you can tell I'm enchanted. :)