Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I was out taking Henry for a somewhat abbreviated evening walk- I still don't think he is up for too much. It is a luscious spring evening- things are really coming up. Walked in the back pasture past some hidden banks of snow and felt the coolness roll off of them and around my ankles. It is delightful to feel the cool of the snow and the heat of a hot spring night all rolled into one lovely sensation.

I heard the distinctive buzzing "peeent" of a woodcock displaying his springtime wares. I walked slowly so as to not flush anything. Henry obliged by being still whenever I stopped. I could hear the whirr of a woodcock taking off but couldn't spot one displaying the distinctive mating flight. I was able to spot one landing near a very gentle buzzing call.

I'll be patient. I have a few week to catch their passionate courtship in my backyard. If you have never witnessed it, it is worth searching out.

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