Sunday, August 17, 2008

Unusual August

I don't know if it is because it has been so wet or so cool that my garden looks so good. Usually in August flower gardens are looking their worst. Things are fried and/or tired of producing.

I have cut a few things back. The Asiatic lilies are mostly done and their foliage had ripened enough to move them to the compost heap. I finally whacked back my ladies mantle and the bleeding heart. Both were past their prime.

But the garden phlox is looking mighty fine and the Echinacea is still cranking out the color. Both the wild Black Eyed Susan and the Goldsturm is adding a splash of yellow while various daylilies display onesies and twosies throughout the garden.

I have started collecting seeds for next year. A friend had given me some Oxford Blue Annual Salvia this year, which I collected quite a bit of. The Cleome is still just flowering so it will be a bit before I can collect its seed. My purple hyacinth bean is only about 1 1/2 feet tall so I doubt it will flower. I am probably going to have to buy seed next year.

We are moving towards the bittersweet time of year. Mornings are a little cooler and fog hangs over the fields in the morning. But I am not quite sick of it yet.


LYC said...

It certainly has started feeling like the end of a good thing aye? Another summer almost gone. Glad you mentioned the seed thing - I too should be snipping a few for next year.

Michelle said...

YOu know, You are right, usually by now I want to loop off all of their heads. It is still looking quite lush.
All that rain and cool weather has made us England I suppose.