Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Gold Standard

It just occurred to me that I have been at my job for over twelve years now. In and of itself, not such big deal. But I am fast approaching the benchmark of longevity- my 1993 Toyota Corolla in pearl beige.

I owned it for 13 years and it had over 220,000 miles on it. It very rarely let me down and certainly didn't complain about my life choices. I am not quite sure what I will do if my job becomes the most enduring thing in my life.

The facts in an abridged chronology:
boyfriend-3 years
another boyfriend-5 years
yet another boyfriend-5 years
Toyota Corolla-13 years!
husband- 5 years
house purchased with husband- 6 years
dog- 7 years, 1 month, 2 weeks and a day
current job- 12 years and counting
current boyfriend- 6 years and counting (relational personal best!)
current house- 3 years and counting
current dog- 1 year and counting

I am trying to figure out what my conclusion should be here.


Michelle said...

A total of 58 years in some sort of relationship....not bad...

LYC said...

You left out friends and family. That's the most constant.

SMC said...

You are, indeed, right LYC. Friends and Family are the constant. I don't know how to qualify my calculations without sounding like I take those things for granted. But, OF COURSE, my friends and family are around forever. That is why they are my friends.

LYC said...

It's a reflection on the amount of weight that society puts on being part of a pair. It makes it disproportionately important. Maybe that's why breakin' up is hard to do? Is it a paradox that finding someone to be in a pair with often makes one lose oneself?