Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Book Review- Truth and Beauty

I just finished reading Ann Patchett's Truth & Beauty. It is a memoir on her friendship with writer Lucy Grealy. In the memorable words of another friend- "Run, Don't Walk"- to find a copy at your library or local bookstore.

I was so struck at the depth of their love for each other. They were two different personalities so it was expressed in different ways, but nevertheless, a deep and abiding love for each other.

Ann's love for Lucy was unconditional in a way you only expect from your mother or dog. She forgave every transgression and was always there for Lucy. Lucy gave to Ann a totally foreign view on life, which I think Ann was very thankful for. People give to each other in very strange and wonderful ways. And they take.

I was equally struck by Lucy's inability to see how surrounded by love she was. She yearned for the intimate male/female bonding, but it was her circle of friends who gathered around her in each crisis. But I suppose that is a primal urge... and not mine to disparage. It is certainly one I have sought to the detriment of friendships on occasion.

To illustrate- one of my favorite photos of me and two close friends- Louise and my little sister Reta, letting loose at my Dad's camp in Vermont. This photo was taken around 1985. We are still friends. Truly beautiful!


Michelle said...

Hey, is it your book or the lib.?

SMC said...

Library..... my library is so convenient that I use it all the time. My librarian will buy or borrow anything I ask for.

Librarians are a weird lot, but I am not sure what we could replace them with.