Monday, August 11, 2008

Most of All, I Want to Thank My Mother

I was bestowed with this beautiful award from Debi over at emmatree. I must say I am overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness and generosity.

Unfortunately I don't think I have 7 blogs to pass the award on to.... and not because there aren't deserving and well written ones out there. It is more a function of only reading 2 or 3 on a regular basis. Call me narrowly focused, or perhaps even obsessive.

And to make matters worse Debi already awarded one of my regular reads- Michelle's blog. Michelle is funny, perhaps irreverent and never runs out of cutting remarks to keep me in my place.

My other favorite is Louise at LaBelAbris. I have known Louise since I was 16. She can STILL make me laugh out loud and occasionally pass foodstuffs through my nose, but only in the most ladylike manner.

My other somewhat regular reads are Blackswamp Girl and Girl Gone Gardening. They both love gardening and write with humor about it. They also retain the wonder of a new gardener.

I hope any visitors to my tiny little blog will take time out of their busy days to peruse the thoughts of these others. Each individual post may not seem like much, but they tend to add up -over time- to create rounded, interesting and informative personalities. (I wanted to say human beings but with everything being done on the computer, one can never be too sure!)


LYC said...

Wow! This is almost like celebrity. Hope none of us will have to make any adjustments at home to accomodate our big heads.

Michelle said...

Now I feel I must explain my remark from yesterday, I just thought I should have been in an email, not pubically in her blog....But thanks.

SMC said...

So it swollen by the award I have bestowed or by the fact that you cna make me pass food through my nose?

Michelle said...

"Perhaps irreverent"? There is no perhaps about it, I am irreverent, and proud of it.