Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coming Clean

So, in yesterday's post I said I only read a couple of blogs. I lied. I do read other blogs but they are not really the ones that seemed appropriate to honor with an "I Heart Your Blog" award. I would no more send these blogs this award than I would blow them a kiss. It just doesn't seem appropriate.

I love the little circle of blogs that I refer to in my space. They are warm and comfortable and non-confrontational. They are all written by women and, thus, have a warm, fuzzy and supportive embrace about them. They reflect the persona I have chosen to proffer here- that of another happy gardener who loves her dog.

But I am cautious of entering the ghetto of feminine thought. It is too narrowly focused for me. I require, or perhaps need, the balance that the more overtly testosterone powered blogs offer. Some of the other blogs I have discovered that offer this masculine perspective, or perhaps more perverse view are:

Stank who talks about relationships ( and the rest of the world) from the male view, which I find very intriguing. He even reads Caitlin Flanagan in the Atlantic Monthly. He probably reads Sandra Tsing Loh too, even though she mostly writes about motherhood which he isn't big on.

From Stank I found Uppity Negro. This gifted young man committed suicide more than a year ago, but his blog lives on. He makes me think about the black experience in America, which sometimes can be very difficult to do from lily-white NH. If you can't have the real experience, why not the virtual one? I could just stare at his photo and wonder why?

If you need an anti-testosterone fix check out I'm Not Gay. He knows how to party, dress, drink and have a good time. Why he hasn't found the right girl I'll never know. Probably because they want to change him.

Or there is just the plain, old damn interesting stuff.

For a more irreverent look at a housewife's lot check out Suburban Kamikaze or Dooce or i am bossy.

And then there is this guy , a client of mine who is a lawyer, but his real job is being a great Dad who is very involved with his community. To top it all off he is a REALLY great writer.

Well, I hope you all forgive me for my lie.... and that you will continue to come back and read about my life. These other blogs that I cheat on you with make me the full, rich person I am.



LYC said...

I think most of us knew that if you were only a happy art loving gardener it would be because you arrived there by seeking balance in the rest of your life. It just seems a bit easier to get closer to balance when you stop fighting what life hands you. Glad you're clean with that now.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Thanks for the mention in the previous post. :)

I don't think that it's cheating, I think that it's being a well-rounded individual. I haunt several angsty blogs, and also many literature-related ones where even the commenters write in such a lovely manner that I am intimidated out of commenting, myself.

If not for my family reading my blog, I would probably share far too many mentions of my relationship questions and issues, too... and I would also probably post up some pictures of my artwork, and maybe a few poems and pieces of prose as well.

But my most secret "guilty online pleasure" is... haute couture. I wear utilitarian jeans and hardy ever buy anything "trendy" for myself, and yet I go through almost every fashion slideshow on style.com when the new collections are unveiled. You would never know it to look at me, though!