Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not Quite Done Yet....

I am feeling like I haven't quite finished ranting yet. I have some images of egregious errors of the sort I vented about two days ago.

Here Henry not only points out the offending, highly visible weed barrier but he passed judgement on it too. In this particular urban planting the caretakers have decided that grass is too high maintenance. So they insist on the old weed barrier/bark mulch treatment. Problem is that with every rain (which has been for the last 40 days and 40 nights here) the bark mulch is washed away in mini-ravines to expose the beauty of the black plastic. The irony is that about two feet away is a HUGE clump of crab grass that is basically giving the weed barrier the ol' "in your dreams, sucker" salute.

This the offending garden circle in Wagner Park. Take note of the concentric planting forming a bulls eye around a flowering crab. Now the source of my irritation isn't really evident from this photo.... why its just some sweet little marigolds doing their marigold job. What kind of meany would hold it against them? There is not another flowering plant in this WHOLE park. It is all beautifully trimmed junipers,arborvitae, laurels, rhododendrons and I think some pachysandra. It is calm, cool, green, and orderly. Annuals marching in formation have no business mixing it up with big shouldered evergreens. Certainly not if they are going to display their "hey, big boy" color scheme.

Ahhhh... the ubiquitous potentilla. And to both prove and disprove my former dig at them. These are not in front of a gas station, but they are in front of a strip mall. And to truly make the point of how and where these plants should be viewed... notice the rear view mirror on the left side of the photo. These should only be viewed from cars, preferably at 60mph.

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