Monday, August 25, 2008

The Farside of Hip

This is a new bag that my sister Reta gave to me-

"It is either an early or a late birthday present. I can't remember the last time I gave you something or if I owe you a gift."

I like gifts all the time, but am terrible about remembering to give them. I am much better without deadlines. When I see something that would make somebody happy I buy it.

You can see my fabulous little coral-colored, shell shaped summer handbag hanging next to it. While the cuteness factor is high, its volume capacity is mighty low. It requires an auxiliary bag to carry the rest of the days supplies- lunch, shoes, Henry's bags, Henry's training collar, old magazines to dispense to others, the garden's bounty to spread among co-workers, etc.

I have been using a tote that I somehow won from Ocean National Bank. While it is useful I have always hated being a walking billboard for someone- especially for no reimbursement. So this new bag with a graphic of a wild looking dog with wings is just the ticket. I believe it is what is called a messenger bag.... at least during the 80's. Then during the 90's it was referred to as a man-bag. Here we are almost into the second decade of the new millennium and I finally have one.

I am so hip I can hardly stand it.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Quite the opposite side of the coin, the chic little bag from Rome, and the funky-hip messenger bag ('cause no matter what gay men with elaboratly coiffed poodles say, you are not a man)
I like it.
Very cool