Saturday, August 9, 2008

He Said, She Said- A Movie Review

"I rented Sense & Sensibility, Do you want to watch it?"

"Umm, sure.... let me just finish the dishes, I'll be right there."

This has been a point of friction in our house for quite sometime. Le Boyfriend is a movie buff. It was one of his biggest choices when we looked at this house in the middle of no where. He would no longer be able to hit the matinees just down the road at a moments notice and still be home to cook dinner.

I can practically count the number of movies I've seen in my lifetime on my two hands. I know for a fact that I like comedies. Romantic comedies are even better. Life is hard enough without having to relive all the crappy stuff on a big screen. Le boyfriend refers to my type of movie as another stupid, frickin' Julia Roberts film. But he keeps trying to lure me into watching a movie with him.

For him it is not a film till it has a lot of noise, death, blood and hard core dialogue. So it took the washing of the dishes for it to sink in that he had, on his own, rented a Jane Austen flick.

"So why did you rent this?"

"I just did."

I suppose this is true love. He lured me into the TV room with a film he knew I couldn't resist. And God bless his curmudgeonly soul... he watched the whole thing. Well except for his cigar break when he missed the turning point in the film where Emma Thompson weeps and consents to marry Hugh Grant. It was actually the sort of movie viewing I enjoy best. There was much laughing (on his part) and talking about the really ridiculous plot turns. He was laughing so hard that he missed important dialogue so I would have to explain what was going on.

"Why is she so stupid and why does she cry all the time?"



A lot of conversation was okay during this film as it wasn't all that good. Hugh Grant was terribly miscast as a shy parish minister caught up in a secret engagement even though he was falling in love with Emma Thompson. As Dorothy Parker once said "He ran the gamut of emotions from A to B." An awful lot of film footage of men riding away quickly on their steeds was used. This was to indicate the speed with which they would take care of the problems which stood in between them and their true loves. Pretty bad.

Well, at least I give two thumbs up to Le Boyfriend for trying.


Michelle said...

But you have to admit, there is something a bout great coats flying in the wind as they ride off to combat said problem.....

SMC said...

I forgot to mention that Le Boyfriend and I totally agreed on one point- they had FABULOUS hats. Men in tails and knee high leather boots is also enough to set the heart aflutter. They should wear them nowadays.

LYC said...

It was great fodder for the blog as well so worth the effort!