Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thinking Too Much Again

I have disappeared from the blogosphere because I figure if I don't have anything good to say than I may as well not say anything. But people ( her & her) have been wondering where I disappeared to. I have been digging up a new bed this weekend .... like I don't have enough to weed. It is about 17-18 feet long. I am guaranteeing that no one will ever buy this property..... one look at it and they will start tallying up the costs of a team of professional, full-time weeders.

My grass looks pretty awful here- how that is possible with all the rain we have been getting I will never know.

So I figure if people are asking I may as well give them something to read.

Potentilla- I have tried to like them but they are just plain ugly. The only place they belong is in front of a gas station. That dig is courtesy of the Renegade Gardener.

I hate weed barrier even though she says it is wonderful. It always ends up coming through the mulch to get chewed up by the lawn mower and dispensed hither & thither over your property.

I hate bark mulch. It chews up your cuticles terribly. And who ever thought of dying it orange? They should be shot along with the people who invented stone chip mulch- especially the white stuff.

I hate withering daffodil foliage, but I put up with it because I love daffodils. The minute I feel it has ripened enough I rip it out.

I hate circle gardens. They are for little old ladies. The landscapers who installed one in Wagner Park (Pretty Park) in Manchester, NH.... one of the nicest urban plantings ever.... should have their licenses revoked. Landscapers, indeed.

I hate edging that has been improperly installed. It should not be visible. The rolled edge should just pop above the surface of the soil making for easy mowing over it. It is not intended to create a little fence between your grass and your flowerbeds.

I hate double petunias. They invariably look like used Kleenex.

I hate it when people put little tiny flowers into huge pots. What are they- blind? Have they no sense of scale? Proportion?

I hate plastic flowers put into pots this time of year. Really now. Is it so hard to stick a few marigolds in? Isn't the point to add a little beauty to your life? Not another piece of cheaply made garbage.

Okay. Overlook my vitriol if I have offended you and chalk it up to some hormonal imbalance. If you agree- wonderful. I will know there are other cranky gardeners in the world.


Michelle said...

Do I take it then that you LIKE plastic flowers put in pots at other times of the year>??

SMC said...

Yes, plastic flowers in winter are completely acceptable. Then, they look so natural. And it helps to support a third world country, like China, and encourages them to manufacture useful things like plastic flowers. Without which the world might stop spinning.

LYC said...

So, maybe you had a bad garden day? Well, it's better out than kept inside....happens to the best of us....only.

smith kaich jones said...

OMG! Used Kleenex! Thank God I hadn't quite taken that sip of Coke yet.

:) Debi