Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Right Foot

So, I ran into a wall last Friday night which meant I screamed "Owwie" quite a bit. My boyfriend came running to find out what happened. I was still in the throes of screaming "owwie" and not so much into explaining what happened to me. I hadn't even had a glass of wine or anything. I was just plain old stupid or clumsy and caught my small toe ( I think) on the corner of a wall.

I am also still in a state of denial on the aging process. If I hurt myself I should just heal- right? Over the decades I have noticed this healing process slowing down to the point where, on occasion, it has forced me to consult a doctor. This might be turning into one of those times.

My first thought after injuring myself was- I hope this doesn't interfere with my walking. So the next morning I woke up and went for a 5 mile walk. A neighbor asked me to help her clear trees and branches off of trails for the up coming Carriage Riding Association Annual get together. What's a 3 mile walk after a 5 mile walk anyways?

As a sop to my orthopedic health I only took a short walk on Sunday.

Monday.... short walk again. I think my toes can bend again.

Tuesday. I think it feels better so how about a 5 mile walk and to top it off, lets wear high heels to work. I think the high heels were the death decision.

My whole foot has swollen up and my ankle is a little puffy. The skin has stretched tightly across my arch. What I thought was dirt between my toes has identified itself as bruising. The only shoes I can fit into are sandals. My boyfriend has extracted the blood pinkie promise that I will call the doctor tomorrow before the long weekend.

I have finally identified that life quality issue which will send me over the edge. Lots of people consider suicide when faced with terminal cancer. For some it is financial well being. If I can never walk again I will kill myself.


Michelle said...

Super Strong Sarah brought low by an injured pinkie...

LYC said...

How are you enjoying your injury now?

SMC said...

It turns out that it is only a broken toe. The doctor told me to hobble around for a couple of weeks. It still hurts like the dickens but I have been taking it easy since the doctor's visit and it does seem to be doing better.

If I can just lay low for another week....

LYC said...

Maybe a good epsom salt soak would help too.