Sunday, July 13, 2008

Your Heart's Desire

I went to my friend, Michelle's house yesterday to do a quick garden consultation. For whatever reason she thinks I am good at gardening and wanted my opinion. I don't think I am great at it, but I do think I am very interested in it, talk a lot about it and have boundless (almost) energy for it. There is a big difference between those qualities and being good at something.

Well, we started by her feeding me a green smoothie- part of her new raw diet regime. It sounds and looks disgusting- spinach, lettuce, banana, frozen blueberries, water and whatever else is haunting the back of your refrigerator put through a blender. It looked like algae sludge but tasted reasonably good for something that is suppose to be healthful. Perhaps it is what put a little zip (read manic energy) into my garden consultation.

I started by asking Michelle what her concept is for her garden ... lest I simply overlay my tastes onto her collection. She replied that she wanted a garden that I would think is good. Ack! How did I scare a budding gardener into shame and inferiority? I must admit I am a little free with my opinions and I can be a bit of a commanding presence (quite tall and VERY stubborn), but I thought I had always done my best to foster curiosity and passion about gardening- not dread!

So for those of you out there who have suffered at the hands of a gardening know it all- perhaps even my hands.... the immortal wisdom of Henry Mitchell (again.).... "It is more important for the gardener to be enchanted than for critics to be pleased. Your garden will reveal your self. Do not be terrified of that. You have as much right to live as..... well, at least one may always say 'nevertheless, here I am.' "

Michelle's garden was actually a pretty good reflection of herself. It is abundant, even overflowing, one good thing on top of another, color, anarchy and fun. I don't think there is a plant that she has ever said "no" to. It is charming, unique and embodies the dream of a Maine Cottage that she hangs on to in the middle of a big city housing development.

BTW- these are pictures of my garden because I was too busy standing around in my South American General's cape, cracking my whip and telling Michelle what to do while I was at her garden. Perhaps she can post some photos of our little tidying up day at Jardin Johnson.


Michelle said...

Ok, first of all I only said I wanted you to like it at the very end, that I would like you to one day say "nice garden" I will post my experience with La General later today.

LYC said...

At least you didn't say "Bad Garden Michelle, you'll have to rip it up and start over!" Should I be on pins and needles for when you review my gardens later this week?

malamik said...

I came over from Michelle's blog to see your beautiful blog!
What a fun writer you are as well as a intimidating Wealth of knowledge about gardening. You know I could use a friend like you to inject advice around my very sad and scarey gardens...
Glad I came over, keep up the good work. Say, what do you do in the winter without your green thumb? Let me guess, you have an indoor sunroom?
Be well,

SMC said...

Malamik- why thank you! Actually I take a complete break in winter. I am not too crazy about houseplants. I have always felt they are weeds, but I do have a couple of unusual specimans that tide me over till spring. In the winter I obsess about cross country skiing with my dog.