Friday, July 18, 2008

A Day In The Life of My Garden- July 17,2008

I had to leave early this morning as I am an exhibitor at an expo for three days. You can read about that at my gallery blog. My garden is looking mighty fine at 6 AM this morning, if a little grey and misty. My smokebush looks frosty with its purple blooms covered in dew.

This is a long shot towards my (neglected) front yard, driveway and the road into town.

No matter what you do, those pernicious little black eyed susans pop up everywhere, but it is hard to stay mad at them as they are so perky and bright.

The clematis blossoms are turning into seed heads which I think are almost as attractive as the blooms.

I have way too many daylilies, but this one is my favorite. It only has a few blossoms open right now, but I am afraid that with the horrific heat this weekend I will come home to find all the blossoms gone. It is the most beautiful creamy yellow-white and when all the blossoms are open it is like a beacon in the garden.

The blossoms of these daylilies aren't quite open but this is one of my favorite combinations - the lime green of the hosta and the bright orange.

Here is le boyfriend's grapes. They are growing up the chain link surrounding our compost operation. I think the previous owners kept their dogs in their, but it isn't good enough for my Henry. It is good for keeping the critters out of the compost.

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Michelle said...

the booth looks good, can't even see the velcro! how was the heat>?
Hope business was great