Friday, July 4, 2008

A Day In The Life Of My Garden- July 4, 2008

The first big trim of the season has begun. Despite the lambs ear being bumblebee head- quarters they were so tired looking that they had to come down. They look only slightly better but I suspect a few days of airing out will help them to perk up again.You can see my path again as an added bonus.

I have been trying to clear out volunteers of all kinds to give the garden a tidier appearance, but I can't seem to rip out this all purple Johnny Jump Up. Its color looks so fabulous against the Dwarf White Pine.

It seems like this one day of sunshine has caused my Karl Foerster Grass to grow a foot and unfurl its plumes. You can just make out my beautiful clematis growing on the fence towards the end. I was just reading about pruning them and I think to maintain its good looks I will need to do that this winter. That Husker Red Penstemon makes quite a display.

My Ladies Mantle is SO beautiful. Those frothy yellow flowers look so nice with the contrasting colors of hosta and pulmonaria around it.


LYC said...

It really is in all its glory now. I just hope it's enough to sustain us through the winter months when we can look back at these pictures and dimly remember.

SMC said...

I know..... last night I just flopped on the grass with Henry and looked at everything. So Satisfying. The first big trim means I won't see those blossoms again until next year. It makes me feel like winter is already coming and, really, summer just barely began.