Sunday, July 6, 2008

Compost, Beautiful Compost

I finally got around to removing the remaining sod in my new peninsula. The bits I had left upside down to be dried out by the sun had actually started to root! Too much rain- although it makes the lawn look good. I raided my precious compost pile to amend the new area. Isn't it beautiful?!?!

I turned the compost in and then started dividing up the veronica, Autumn Glow Sedum and Helene von Stein Stachys. It looked a little wilty at first ..... considering it was 85 degrees and 59% humidity .... not a cloud in the sky to offer relief. It perked up soon enough though and started looking like it had been there for months!

Nice long shot up to the bench ... I am very pleased with how the plants bracket the bench. It will only get better with time.

I am waiting until the Husker Penstemon and Moonshine Yarrow pass by before I dig them up and move them to the other side of the peninsula.

I spent the rest of the afternoon edging the problem gardens in an effort to make them more presentable. All in all, another satisfying day controlling my teensy, tiny, little world.


LYC said...

If it weren't for the lack of citrus trees I'd probably mistake the peninsula for Florida in its lushness. All in all a most welcoming addition...nice tie-in!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wow... beautiful gardens, and lovely compost. We're about to get your heat tomorrow, and I have to pick cherries and plant a few more veggies... eek. I hope we all come through as nicely as your garden has done!

SMC said...

Next I want to simulate an Atoll in Bimini.... I may need some palm trees though. Can't imagine my electric bill running the well pump to fill the moat.

SMC said...

Why thank you Black Swamp girl! Compost is so precious you want people to notice it.... which is hard because it blends in with the dirt. If people would just look really hard they would notice it is quite golden in color. Wink, wink... garden joke.