Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Fourth of July in Bradford, NH

This the 4th of July parade in Bradford, NH on our Main Street. It actually takes place on the 5th of July to accommodate other area celebrations. The parade is dominated by fire and rescue equipment, as you can see here, which makes quite a racket and keeps the kids happy. There were contingents of trucks from Lempster, Goshen, Washington, Newbury & Bradford.The volunteer fire department seems to be a bunch of boys playing with toys, but the sight of them is impressive and fills you with a bit of small town pride. I am also thrilled that anyone donates their time and expertise to make my home safe.

It is also a time for the antique fire equipment to be pulled out and shown off.

I liked that this souped up Fire Chief's car was driven by a teenage girl.

Our trusty trustees from Brown Memorial Library.

As if fire equipment wasn't enough, the highway department had to get in on the action. Here are Bradford's snowplows ... although I am not sure how happy people were to see them so soon. July is the season to forget about snow.

I volunteered at the Red Cross-mobile signing in blood donors. Henry came along to do his patriotic part. He amused small children while their parents gave blood. We all gotta do our part!


Michelle said...

I actually loved the snowplows. What do small towns in the south drag out for their parade?

SMC said...

selectmen? mayors? bug zappers?