Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baking Gluten Free Cookies

I decided to bake some of my extra good gluten- free peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies. They are extremely easy and very satisfying considering they have no flour in them. (peanut butter, sugar, egg, baking soda, salt, peanuts & chocolate chips- that's it!) Another gluten- free girl double checked with me to make sure they had no flour because they are sooooooo good.

Here they are in the baking pan.... which suffered a little damage during my last cookie baking party with 5 small girls. These double walled cookie pans are actually pretty terrible. They do keep cookies from burning but water sneaks in between the walls during washing and then sits there to rust and leak inside of your cabinets.

Here is the cookie baking operation- pretty seamless- eh? You would think I did this for a living.

And ..... here are the finished products- minus a few. I can't resist them when they are hot. Besides I had to counteract that green smoothie I drank the other day.


LYC said...

So this is what you do with a bachelorette night?

Michelle said...

hey, you have never made any of these for me. When I think of the HOURS I have slaved making you goodies....
There, good catholic guilt for a fine Wed. Morning!

SMC said...

Well Michelle... I may be asking you to babysit Henry for a few hours so I will definately owe you some cookies as it requires exiling Ty.

Pretty sad- eh LYC? Spending my evening alone baking cookies, but at least I turned the music up really loud while I was doing it. It is just NOT cooking till you shake your bootie.