Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Friend, Louise's Garden

I am spending my evenings at my friend, Louise's house while I am exhibiting at the Lakeside Living Expo up the road. I have not been to her house in over a year so it has been a nice opportunity to hang out with her and take a look at her garden which she has been working on so diligently. We wandered around the yard in our pajamas this morning, drinking coffee. Here she is with her senior kitty, Sid.

She has two monster mulleins growing in her gardens. This is the uber- mullein .... 6 separate spikes and a basal rosette the size of the Chrysler Building.

This is a lively little oriental lily hiding amidst her monster rue which is about to blossom. I think Louise only grows monster plants.

She bought the cute little ferny marigolds like I did but hers have benefited from some shade. Aren't they adorable?

Here I am next to my Element, in my pajamas and the monster mullein in the foreground. Who knew that a car could serve as such a wonderful color foil?


LYC said...

Again, I think I have to credit my plants' monterousness to mulch and moo-doo - my newest gardening mantra. Rolls well off the tongue no? Mmmm-Mmmm.

Michelle said...

hey, what happened to day 2&3 at the expo..what happened to 'real time blogging?"

SMC said...

I know, I know. All I have are two pictures of me sitting in the booth and then the camera battery died. Oh well.... it seemed a little silly and narcissistic to post them.