Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trying To Be Happy With What I Have Inherited

There it is ... my big old patch of the ubiquitous Stella D'Oro day lily. The color is one I have very mixed feelings about - Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Orange. Le boyfriend loves it .... and it certainly adds a big punch of color. Except... you see it everywhere. In front of every bank, hotel or chamber of commerce. It practically screams "We were so sick and tired of making choices with the contractor and this is what they offered us."

This is a combination that every year makes me smile .... my Spirea 'Princess" and campanula glomerata. The spirea is a little sad ..... branches will just die off all of a sudden so that it is starting to look like a deranged topiary. Its yellow foliage with the blue flowers is winning though, so I put up with the shape that says "just put me out of my misery."

I love this balloon flower which I inherited from the previous owner. It stays short, probably because of the lousy soil, but is otherwise healthy, lush and covered with blossoms. It is being overwhelmed by some Siberian Iris, but I am afraid to transplant it as they don't pack up and move too well.

This is a Blue Butterfly Delphinium. I am petrified of delphiniums. They seem to die if you so much as speak unkindly to them. I also inherited this one. I have moved it once ... mostly expecting it to kick off by the next season, but it keeps going. I was in Vermont for the past three days for a little vacation and took the time to peruse some gardens there. Lots of big lush delphiniums that make me think I want to try again. Or perhaps I should just be happy that I have been able to make these little babies thrive for three years. No need to push my luck.


Michelle said...

I love delphiniums, hollyhocks and foxglove...all the old english lady with tweed and tea flowers, this is the first year I have been able to grow foxglove, unfortunalty in a not very well thought out place. I sooo need your help (code for tell me where to put my plants)

LYC said...

Oh, take another chance! My Delphineums are doing much better this year since they got mulched....the extra warmth and humidity is the key for them. They are of the pale blue variety and I was remiss in not putting their picture up last night but it was raining out and their subtle blue would have gotten lost in the greyness of the weather....something for tonight's post.