Thursday, April 2, 2009

Loss of Innocence... Again

I am feeling amazingly betrayed by the medical profession right now. It feels a lot like losing my innocence. Aren't they Gods? Don't they know everything? I know they try to let you make your own choices after they present all the options.... but aren't they suppose to present you with all the information? I believed in them.

After seeing dentists, endodontists, physicians & periodontists over the last week and 1/2 it turns out I will have a tooth pulled next week. I was informed that I have major bone loss and probably have been living with an infection in my jaw for years.

I am one of those wacky "body is a temple" people. The loss of a body part is traumatic and calls for nightly crying jags- even when it is a body part as insignificant as a tooth. It seems like such a defilement of my body. Where were all the medical professionals that I pay good money to during the years this infection was festering? I am guessing that they were busy at professional development courses and couldn't be bothered with actual patient care.

I want to blame someone for this defilement of my body. I have to wonder at dentists & physicians who blithely diagnosed sinus infections over the last ten years despite the only symptom being pain in the teeth, jaw & head. Why did I pay for X-rays of my mouth every year? Clearly they weren't to detect any hidden problems or disease. I am guessing they eased a cash flow problem.

There is this incredible fear of single payer health care in this country... that somehow quality will go downhill if the Government takes over. I have a hard time believing that it could be any worse than it currently is or cost any more. I do recognize that each individual needs to advocate for themselves and educate themselves on all options. Paying good money and being diligent about seeing your doctors is no guarantee that you are getting quality care.

"Get use to it, honey" said my partner about my failure of faith in doctors. "It is going to happen a lot more as you get older." I think she was saying that as you need doctors more and more because your body is breaking down, you can count on them less and less.


Michael Hawes said...

Sounds to me like you need to look for a new dentist and doctor. I trust both of mine explicitly. However, I recently had to have a tooth pulled because I had somehow cracked it down through the root and it had an infection all the time. Unfortunately, I inherited my mother's teeth and not my father's. Those pesky genes again. Good luck!

Reta said...

If there is anything that I have learned through all my trials & tribulations is that one must be their own advocate and caretaker. I like most of my doctors...but I understand that it is just business. (Sad state of affairs in the Sicko) Lesson learned: really take care of yourself because ultimately that is what's important. In the end, we too will fail, like our doctors. We're just human.