Friday, April 17, 2009

Special Delivery

We just had a new front walk installed- isn't it beautiful? The boyfriend was having an issue with the snow & ice removal on a walkless walk. This was the solution.

Look closely- notice the tire tracks through the freshly laid soil? I saw it one morning and assumed the boyfriend had problems backing out of his parking place. The next morning I noticed a parallel set. Who could possibly be having such a difficult time negotiating our driveway- which is a long, sweeping arc?

Could it be our newspaper delivery guy? The one who drove over the lawn instead of negotiating the ruts of our gravel drive that is the birthright of any lucky enough to live in the Northeast in Spring? So out come the sawhorses we use to help drivers ford the natural path to our house without sinking up to their hubcaps in the lawn. Now they keep the delivery guy from getting two feet closer to our front door.... the better to toss the newspaper under the porch or into a bush.

Sheesh! I know JAF has her own issues with newspaper delivery too. Apparently this teabag thing is a pretty big tent so perhaps if the two of us throw teabags at them we could get some consideration for helping to pay newspaper delivery guys' salaries.... kinda' like customer service or something.

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