Sunday, April 5, 2009

And The Cycle Continues

It was sunny but still breezy & cool today. Nevertheless, it was above freezing and there is very little snow left around the yard. So that, right there, is reason to celebrate with a little early spring yard work.

I clipped all of last season's echinacea from the front of the house. I enjoy looking at their dark brown seed heads all winter, but now they are bent and broken. There is also signs of life around their roots- I need to make way for that!

I clipped all the Miscanthus backs to its base to make way for this year's growth. Most of their beautiful stalks were broken in the ice storm back in December so they are not as graceful as they might normally be anyways. I also raked a large pile of twigs and pine needles over the banking- the detritus of a fallen tree from the same storm.

There is not much to look at, unless you get down on your hands and knees and lift up dead basal leaves to take a peep. It is still satisfying work. All that promise!

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fishnet said...

just keep in mind the words of t. s. eliot....the week promises (or at least the gov't weather service does) below freezing nighttime temps., rain, swirling snow, etc.
perhaps the warm glow this coming weekend from ardent christians will percolate into the sub soil and tickle the roots, not only of your echinated flowers, but your (perhaps echinated) heart as well.