Sunday, April 26, 2009

Minor Domestic Goddess

It is a very slow morning here at the ranch. I slept till 7, which is the equivalent of most people sleeping till noon. My body is a little spent after yesterday's gardening exertions, but I will do it again today.

But before all the fun, I took care of a few things- putting the laundry on the line so it has time to dry before the predicted afternoon thunder showers. Read the paper. Make myself buckwheat pancakes.

For those of you who can eat wheat, you have probably never wandered down the gluten free path paved with such delicacies as corn tortilla sandwiches and buckwheat pancakes. They are actually pretty good, as long as you don't think of them as a substitute- they are a food unto themselves. Buckwheat pancakes taste like they might be good for you- a little gritty and heavy, but covered in maple syrup they are divine.

The boyfriend requested blueberries in them. He is a fiend about picking them so our freezer is still stocked with wild & cultivated blueberries. We need to make an effort to get them all eaten as the next blueberry season is right around the corner. I think we started the fall with 15 gallons in the freezer. Such a burden!

I have discovered an alternate use for blueberries; they hold heat better than a rock wall. Being the scientist/glutton that I am, I ate the pancakes fresh off the griddle. Cooked fruit is searingly hot. Perhaps they could be enlisted in the burgeoning green movement? Passive solar storage? I suspect blueberry floors would bring another set of problems that I haven't thought about yet. I do think it is worth exploring though.

Well- off for my morning walk and other scientific discoveries.

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On that stove, I don't think so