Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend of Gardening

It was a beautiful weekend in the neighborhood. It was warm, sunny and the temperatures soared into the low 90's. A little hot for April- but I'll take it.

The spring bulbs are out in full force- behold some of my favorite crocuses. The ground still looks barren as most plants are just starting to put forth. It makes my heart flutter- rhubarb nodules that look like something from outer space, red peony shoots, brussel sprout shaped sedum stalks.

Many things took a beating this winter- the wind is vicious in my little micro-climate. Whole patches of stachys byzantia are limping into the season- even with healthy patches just 3 feet away. One of my treasured Black Lace Elderberries had to be cut back to a nub as its branches had turned to mush.

I bought three Variegated Euphorbias last year. One just never really took. I figured the winter had done it in. When I dug it out its roots were healthy though. I dusted them off them off to find the roots were all swirled into a tight circular ball. The grower had probably started plugs in tiny pots so the roots had no where to go but in a circle. They then put the plug into a larger pot- after shooting it full of fertilizer to make a showy, topside display- and passed it on to me. The little thing never had a chance. So I teased out the tangled mess, splayed the roots in a new hole and will give the baby another chance.

I had to put new moss into the sculpture by the front door. Every year it seems to lose a little bit so I hunt for the stuff that grows on granite to ensure the transplant. I like to trim it up so it makes a tidy display- almost like you can read the symbol. One of these days I'll ask the the artist if it means anything.

The boyfriend has put up his pirate flag to ward off garden evil. In case marauders don't get the message he has draped a Robin carcass over it too. Not that Robins are marauders but it does send a message of "we don't fool around in this here garden- Arrrgh."

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Michelle said...

I never thought I would say this, but sometimes, Le Boyfriend REALLY amuses me.