Saturday, April 18, 2009

Au Naturel

I suppose I should have made a bigger deal of this then I did. I decided to stop dying my hair .... for all kinds of reasons. The last hair cut I had made the color look like a squirrel- blond, gray, brown, etc. I had it cut again about two weeks ago and whatever was left of color is now gone. I am au naturel.

I am not displeased with it. I don't think it makes me look any older than I am- 47. It doesn't look wrong with my face color or clothing & jewelry collection. I don't feel any less attractive. People have said it looks good.

On the plus side- I think it gives me an air of authority. An air that comes with age and experience.

Of course- looking at this photo I am thinking I might be in need of an eyebrow & eyelash transplant, and those freckles are totally out of control.


Michelle said...

Like the freckles, always wanted some the hair, am partial to grey hair! Need to lose the direct flash on face! a definite no-no.

SMC said...

What? With all of my other accomplishments you want me to be a photographer too? I thought I did pretty damn well stretching my arm that far and pointing (sort of) the camera in my general direction.... and now I am suppose to figure out how to turn a flash off?