Monday, October 6, 2008

Blue Asters

I have been in Vermont for a few days and the mornings have been very cold here, but I returned to find that my asters are still looking pretty good. I thought I would give my beautiful blue aster a starring role on my blog. Isn't her foliage and fullness something to behold?

Here are her beautiful blue flowers. They are the classic aster form but it is the shade of purple that veers towards blue that makes your heart sing in these cool days.

And here are one of the stems bent over to nestle against the Helene Von Stachen Stachys. Isn't it a lovely contrast? Disregard the weeds muddying up the scene. My garden has gone to hell in a hand basket recently.

1 comment:

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Weeds? What weeds? (I don't deign to recognize them in my garden, I'm sure not going to notice them in your pics--not when I have a pretty blue aster and soft lamb's ears to drool over.)