Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Day In The Life Of My Garden, October 25, 2008

After a very long week at work I had a beautiful late October morning to tend to my garden. It as overcast but in the 50's.. which to me is very desirable. The colors are especially stunning when it is overcast- like the boyfriend's Brussels sprouts- grown for my personal delectation.

I whacked back a lot of things. Woody things like asters, Baptisia, and shrub hydrangea made their way to the dumping grounds ...over the edge of a banking. Good stuff like sedum, day lily & hosta were carted to my compost pile for future reference.

I was specially pleased to see small sedum sproutlets when I whacked the Ruby Glow Sedum .... signs of Spring and it is only October! Hope springs eternal.

The whole garden scene is reminiscent of Spring when the garden was so barren, but these are all plants being put to bed- clipped to their minimum. A few things are saved because of their greenness... so difficult to resist.

But the Peach Tree is stunning.. ruby branches and brightly colored leaves. The boyfriend persists in trying to grow fruit despite our poor soil. I am thankful- we had some juicilishess nectarines this year.

With all the trimming this thuja stands out like a solar flare in my garden .... thank goodness for evergreens in the drab months.

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Jimandani said...

Nice brussel sprouts!