Sunday, October 26, 2008

All God's Creatures

It was a stunning Autumn day- warm, sunny and perfect. Henry & I did the usual five mile loop and then spent about 1/2 an hour in the cemetery hunting for mice. Actually Henry hunted for mice, I just lolled in the sun.

We saw our usual friends on our walk, plus some. The Pileated Woodpecker was too fast to get a picture of but the llamas obliged me by staying still. I use to let my Golden Retriever go into the tall grass of their field to hunt for mice. Eventually the llamas would get curious and come up to sniff her. It scared the Dickens out of her. Henry thinks he might like them but is a little leery.

These baby horses are Mouse & Buddy. They are brother and sister... and about 7-8 months old. They are still quite frisky and come out to greet us. Buddy in front is much more brave.. Mouse always hangs back a little. I call these two the kids to distinguish them from their brethren across the street.

Across the street are two Haflinger Draft ponies. I thought they were just chubby until the owner said they are draft ponies meant for hauling stuff. They are stocky but have beautiful manes and tails. They are very handsome and friendly. I call them either the boys or my pretty ponies. I suppose that is a little humiliating for them, but they seem so forgiving.

I see lots more animals- Red Squirrels, Cedar Waxwings, Chickadees, Snakes and more. They make my day.


LYC said...

Sunday was a great day for getting out certainly.....I raked my little heart out.

Michelle said...

Now I know you are exagerrating, snakes do not make your day!

SMC said...

From a distance they do!

Michelle said...

and up close htey become all warm and fuzzy?