Friday, May 30, 2008

Things Are Blooming!

Just to show you what a weird year this has been- I still have daffodils blooming and my rhubarb around it is ready to be harvested.

The creeping phlox is looking lovely surrounding my Gary Haven Smith sculpture. The pinks beside it are getting ready to burst.

My Giant Solomon's Seal is gorgeous. I have always coveted it and I finally have a patch of my own. I just planted it last July and it looks pretty settled already.

The rhubarb's big heads are about to burst too ... they add some drama to the border garden.

The dainty Heuchera buds are getting ready to add their two cents soon.


LYC said...

I want some Solomon's seal now! It's cute.

SMC said...

I might be able to get you some from Real Fallu's old yard. The new owner has not cared about the plantings and has given me permission to rape and pillage.

Remember- it is "giant." it might scare the kitties.