Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Day in the Life of My Garden May 25, 2008

My garden is finally looking interesting. Plants are getting big and lush. Things always look better after the lawn is mowed too. A little contrast for all the big floppy plants.

This is a nice closeup of the Husker Red and the Taurus Cerastium. I wish it would creep a little faster but my dry soil and the wind keeps things from getting too lush, too fast.

Here is a closeup of my purple ajuga. The electric blue flowers and dark purple foliage is mmm, mmm good.

Today is the local libraries book and plant sale. I picked up some more lambs ear (like I need any more of that) and some hens & chicks. I am thinking about doing a large planter with drought tolerant perennials instead of annuals.... which every year get beaten up by the intense sun on my back porch. It certainly is no more expensive than buying annuals and might be a money saver if I can winter it over in my garage.

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