Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Studio Portrait of Henry

This was taken on Mother's Day this past weekend, by my mother, of all things. Henry isn't usually photogenic. He always seems to look as if he has done something wrong when you snap a picture of him. This image is a classic good portrait. The subject is unaware that the photo is being taken and is completely natural, even thinking of something other than having his portrait done. I might even venture to say he is thinking how tasty that three day old dead frog laying in the road up yonder might be rolling around in his mouth. It shows his winsome good looks and soulful eyes that had me from the get go.

BTW- who knew how controversial Husker Red Penstemon would be? I'd like to be on the record as saying that their flowers are definitely disappointing..... other than the way they are held aloft those long, black stems like the daintiest of butterflies on a string. I use to think that Starlings were the ugliest bird imaginable until someone described their backs as containing as many stars as the night sky. How could you hate anything that conjures up that sort of imagery?


Michelle said...

I like the spot near his nose. And you can see his freckles on his coat.
Cute Henry

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Henry does have soulful eyes! And the way his fur is on the top of his head makes me want to give him a good scratch behind the ears... it's not really messy per se, it just says, "scratch me!" He's too cute. :)

(By the way, I guess I should clarify about the husker red. I simply can't do pink flowers, period. I think I'm missing some girly-girl genes... put a pink flower in my hand, and I react like a bachelor asked to hold a newborn baby.)

SMC said...

I realized I sounded incredibly defensive in this post....sorry, oops... there I go again.

Funny thing- one patch of my Husker does have the pink flowers, the other two have white. I bought it at a home farmstand in Vermont about 10 years ago and have moved clumps of it with me through two moves. Perhaps it was mis-identified?

Gardening is always an adventure, hmmm?