Thursday, February 19, 2009

Would It Hurt You To Be Nice?

Photo of a bunch of NICE people. You might be thinking Charlie's Angels, but it is just me and my beautiful friends.

A high school English teacher told us to never use the word "nice" as it has become so overused as to be trite and non-descriptive. But it has also become a quality that catches people by surprise when it is encountered. How could it be trite AND surprising?

I found this post while surfing and thought.... hmmmm... niceness is something missing in our daily lives. I strive to be nice which is often a struggle. It requires putting other people's needs before your own. But I know that it is what makes me ultimately the happiest.... especially when it gets reciprocated.

Yesterday I was IM-ing with a friend. I was having a bad day. I ended my rant with "I am unloved and under appreciated." She shot right back with "I love you." It just made me smile and changed my mood immediately.

I am thinking that niceness is underrated.

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Michelle said...

Well, getting beyone fuzzy bunnies and butterflys, I don't think niceness is all that absent in the world.
At least I hope it isn't