Saturday, February 7, 2009

Artistic Savant

I am not talking about the artists whose work is pictured.... it is just the only picture I had of some art.

I was driving to work yesterday and was thinking of all the artists who have called to make sure my gallery/business is doing okay. I know they like me, but I am also an important cog in how they make their livings. Nevertheless I am touched by their concern. We need each other.

My mind turned to all the artists out there who are struggling to meet their bills. One in particular came to mind. He mentioned that in about 3 months he will have no more work. His commissioned pieces are generally stacked up for a year. He is highly skilled and esteemed. But my biggest concern is I can't imagine him doing anything else to support his family. Working in a factory?- he would be useless on an assembly line. An administrator for a non-profit?-I don't think he could take or give directions well. A truck driver?- he would wander off the road looking at the landscape.

He has one skill set and one skill set only. He is an artistic savant. When I thought of that I almost fell to the floor laughing. I am so funny. Besides - there is nothing left to do in these tough times but laugh about it and keep on plugging.

Which once I have wrapped my mind around the whole stimulus package I will no doubt have a whole post on the role of the arts in our economy.

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