Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cooking With Gas

I am a terrible eater. Big revelation-Huh?

It isn't that I don't like food. I like good food, and despite my lack of the sense of smell I am pretty good at distinguishing tasty food from not so tasty food. Except for that one experience where I actually ate something rancid and had no clue...... LYC can tell ya'll about that.

My problem is that eating is one more chore in my day to get out of the way. I am driven by what my mother taught me is nutritional and what is available.

My boyfriend is well aware of this problem. He was disgusted with my refrigerator when we started dating. There was cheese, tuna fish, chicken sausages, and.... well, that is about it. The food was easy and kept my finely tuned, Ferrari of a human body going. He now fills the freezer with good vegetables and soups to keep me fed during his annual stay in Florida.

So... after my Mexican party I found some things that needed to be used up. (I also HATE the idea of food being wasted or thrown out) So what do you do with a 16 oz. container of sour cream? My solution to any surfeit is to make muffins. They are the great absorber of leftovers. Old rice? Refried beans? Jelly? Polenta? Sour Cream? Throw it in!

But to my dismay, it was a container of no-fat sour cream. Not just low-fat, it was no-fat. I tried a dollop of it. Blech. But I thought that putting it in with other ingredients would mask the chalky flavor. No dice. I don't know which one of my esteemed guests was responsible for this blaspheme of a food product, but I will track them down. Probably my health conscious brother and his skinny as a rail wife.

So what does this have to do with being a terrible eater you may ask? Well- I choked down all 12 of those muffins this week- those anemic, chalky muffins slathered with butter in an attempt to mask their flavor. They tasted like crap, but it was easier than pouring a bowl of cereal.


Michelle said...

you and your muffins! I still remember when you lived in Manchvegas and in the am, over coffee, you would just get up, look at me and say..."YOu want some muffins, hold on.." and you would throw god knows what into them. They usually came out good though.

smith kaich jones said...

At one time we had an employee who swore he could eat just like an astronaut in an old sci-fi movie & be perfectly happy - just give him a "tuna" pill, or an "apple-pie" pill & he swore he'd be just fine. And it was true - he'd just eat a teeny can of Vienna sausages or whatever for lunch & be satisfied. However, you could not leave him near the Halloween candy we'd all drag in the day after (to keep it away from the kids). He would devour it! It was pretty funny.

So how are you around candy bars? If the bag has been opened, must they all be eaten, or do you have self-control? :) Just wonderin'!

:) Debi

SMC said...

SKJ- you have called me. I must admit, I am powerless around a bowl of candy. I don't even like candy but frequently it is my sweet of choice because cookies are laced with that poison gluten.

I too, will eat cans of stuff.... even unheated soup.